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How can Dr. Signorelli help in cases of plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is the medical term used to describe heel and/or arch pain caused by an inflammation located at the bottom of the foot. To be more precise, plantar fasciitis is an inflammation associated with the connective tissue known as plantar fascia.

Heel pain that comes as a result of plantar fasciitis or similar chronic foot condition can lead to strong pain in many individuals. Dr. Domenic Signorelli from the Platinum Health Center provides patients a few different treatment options for this problem.

Dr. Signorelli is a board certified doctor of Podiatric Medicine and he has already helped dozens of patients suffering from plantar fasciitis. The best part is that he explains the different options to his patients. It all depends on the severity of the problem. In most cases, Dr. Domenic Signorelli recommends a conservative treatment which includes physical therapy, at-home stretching and the use of different foot orthotics.

Dr. Signorelli usually advises the use of over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs to control the pain even though there are cases when he recommends steroid injections. This is typical for patients who experience sharp and chronic pain.

Only a small number of people must undergo surgery to solve this problem. However, even if you are a candidate for a surgery, you can rest assure that you are in good hands when you are Dr. Domenic Signorelli’s patient. He has the knowledge, experience, equipment and professional, yet friendly attitude to complete this surgery quickly and efficiently.

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